Participating in Your Child's Learning

Kidlywinks Online Learning Journey

Kidlywinks Childcare uses the complete education solution from Educa™ to support the childrens' learning stories, planning and supporting documentation.


What is Educa™?

Educa™ is a secure online communications platform where families can share ideas, knowledge of the child, and their aspirations with their child care educators.

How does Educa™ help my child's learning?

The online software:

  • Improves communication between child care educators and families;

  • Actively involves family members in the learning.

Educa™ is accessible from any internet capable device and via a free Android and iOS phone app.

Who has access to my child's Educa™ profile?

You can invite an uncle in Scotland, a parent that isn't living with the child, a clinician, etc. You have control over who has access to your child's Educa™ area. You are the owner and can add and remove people at any time.

It is also private. The only way you can be a part of a child's Educa™ learning journey is if you're a Kidlywinks child care educator or have been expressly invited by a child's parent/guardian.

How do I Begin?

Parents are provided an Educa™ account upon enrolment of their child at Kidlywinks Childcare and can then login to view their child's learning journey via PC or Smartphone app.  Additional accounts can be provided for extended family members such as grandparents so that they may also view your child's progress.


We encourage families to add their own 'Parent Stories' and photos to their child's online portfolio at any time in order to provide a full picture of the child's day to day life both inside and outside the centre.  This provides an excellent way for Kidlywinks child care staff  to connect the children's home and childcare activities.  


For information on using Educa™ to access your child's online learning journey, please download the Educa™ Families User Guide.  Alternatively, you can watch the Educa™Families Tutorial video.


Accessing Educa™

  • To access the Educa™ web portal please click here

  • To download the Educa Touch™ app for Apple devices click here 

  • To download the Educa Touch™ app for Android devices click here 


Adding Parent Stories

For detailed instructions on adding Parent Stories to your child's portfolio, please click on one of the following links:

  • For instructions on adding Parent Stories via the web portal click here

  • For instructions on adding Parent Stories on Apple devices click here

  • For instructions on adding Parent Stories on Android devices click here

Inviting Family Members to Access/View Your Child's Online Portfolio

For instructions on how to invite family members, please click here.



If you require further support please visit the Educa™for Families Articles and FAQ page here or call the Educa™ support team on 0800 233 822.  Alternatively you can ask a member of our friendly Kidlywinks child care staff.

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